Powerful blistering winds slams into Indonesia while destroying dozen of homes and taking out trees and power

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Extreme weather, strong winds accompanied by rain damaged dozens of homes and took out trees and power in west Indonesia on August 29.

Footage shows a tree in Kuala Langkat market, North Sumatra province broken after being hit by destructive winds.

A trader at the market as an eyewitness filming the footage, Yuda Pratama, said that the strong wind that passed for a few seconds knocked down a tree on the road side.

“Before, it was raining heavily without a drizzle. The wind was slow at first, then it got stronger, with very strong winds lasting a few seconds,” Pratama added.

The strong wind blew a number of billboards. Several trees fell on the car and blocked the road.

Langkat Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) daily executive Irwan Syahri told the media that the extreme weather on Sunday afternoon caused 29 houses, a warehouse and a place of worship to be damaged.

"There were no casualties or injured residents. Officers were dispatched to the location to deal with the impact of the incident," Syahri added.

In addition to destroying residential areas, the electric cables connected to the village were also cut due to falling trees, and electricity went out until nighttime.

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