Student goes viral with clever skincare hack using PLASTERS to treat acne

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A student has gone viral on TikTok thanks to a clever skincare hack that involves using plasters to treat acne – with results showing within hours.

Camryn Huet, 20, from the US, was told about a trend by her sister, involving using hydro seal plasters on spots and leaving them on overnight.

The undergraduate student, who suffers from acne, decided to give it a go.

She cleaned and moisturised her face before applying the plasters to her forehead.

The next morning, she found the plasters had sucked out some of the puss from her pimples, and she used the same method the following night.

Within two days, her acne had reduced rapidly.

“My acne was mostly on the surface rather than cystic,” Camryn said.

“My moisture barrier was very damaged. [After using the plasters] my moisture barrier healed and my acne was much tamer and less irritated.

“The oil production on my face also seemed to level out.

“I was excited and relieved I had found something that worked well for me, even though the band aids are for treating acne more so than preventing it.”

She shared the impressive results on TikTok, with her post being viewed nearly 19 million times and racking up 3.3 million likes.

One person said: “WHATTT the difference is insane????” [sic]

“I love hydrocolloid bandages for acne! So much better than popping them yourself,” another user commented.

Someone else added: “Of course I see this after spending six months on Accutane.”

Other people were amazed by the incredible results, commenting on how good Camryn’s skin now looks.

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