Wild snake caught slithering over electricity cables in Thailand

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A wild snake was caught slithering over electricity cables in a market in northern Thailand.

The 7ft-long reptile was found coiled around power lines above the Warorot Market in Chiang Mai province on October 12.

Residents called authorities after seeing the python, fearing it might fall into the streets and escape into the shops in the area.

While awaiting rescuers, superstitious villagers who believed the python was a good omen gathered around electric poles to look for lucky numbers.

Firemen who were sent to retrieve the snake were lifted up to the cables using a crane. It took five minutes for the officers to catch the snake, which struggled as the men sealed it inside a sack.

Local merchant Tui Rattanamongkol said the snake had previously been spotted in the same area last September 16 after it fell from the balcony from one of the shops. It reportedly hung over a power line before disappearing soon after.

He said: ‘This snake must be very hungry and unable to do hunting because this area is a business district with many people. Therefore, it would be best for the officers to catch and release the forest back to nature.’

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