‘True gentleman’: Facebook users praise barman after he escorts punter home in pouring rain – using pub garden PARASOL as umbrella

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Facebook users have lauded the actions of a barman who went “above and beyond” for a customer – escorting them home and using a pub garden parasol to shelter them from the pouring rain.

Frankie Sekal, who works at the Pines Café Bar in Dublin, Ireland, spotted a punter leaving just as a heavy downpour had started outside.

Not wanting him to get caught in the shower, the kind-hearted bartender grabbed one of the giant parasols and used it to shield the man and his mobility scooter.

In a video shared to Facebook, Frankie can be seen holding the Heineken garden parasol and walking the man down the road – leaving social media users emotional.

Viewers were quick to praise him for the sweet display.

“Oh my gosh this warms my heart so much! Fair play to Frankie, there aren’t many like you my man. May you be blessed always," wrote one person.

“Brilliant well done,” another person agreed.

Someone else said: “Good man Frankie, always said you were a gentleman.”

“Wow that’s so lovely,” added someone else.

“Awww what a lovely guy,” wrote a fourth person. [sic]

Other viewers described the gesture as going “above and beyond” and Frankie as a “true gentleman”.

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