Asphalt-coated man is miraculously pulled out alive after falling into factory tank in Thailand

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A 33-year-old man who fell into an asphalt tank in Thailand is miraculously pulled out alive.

Sarawut was working at an asphalt factory in the province of Nong Bua Lamphu when he heard a loud explosion. The huge blast blew the tank's cover away, so the worker decided to climb up a 16-foot-high container to inspect the damage, but accidentally fell through the opening.

The footage, which was filmed on November 12, shows the rescue team pulling out the man from the tank. Sarawut 's body is completely covered in sticky, black asphalt.

Rescuers rushed to the scene after receiving a call from the man’s wife and one of his colleagues. They placed Sarawut on a stretcher and hoisted him up using a crane.

Sarawut’s wife, May, said: "I’m not sure how he fell into the tank. After seeing him trapped down there, his colleague and I contacted the Rassamee Maneerat rescue team for help".

The man miraculously survived the incident but reported a head injury and two broken arms.

According to the rescue team, the tank didn't contain a large amount of asphalt. This prevented Sarawut from drowning.

Police are now looking into the incident. It appears that the explosion might have been caused by air pressure build-up inside the tank.

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