1   TikTok star reveals easy and cheap hack to grow your own PINEAPPLES at home

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A TikTok star has revealed why you shouldn't throw away the top of pineapples – because you can use them to grow your own.

Armen Adamjan, who has 1.3 million followers on the social media platform (@creative_explained), shared a video explaining how to grow the exotic fruit at home in a few simple steps.

The clip has since gone viral, having been viewed over 2.2 million times so far, with social media users eager to try the hack for themselves.

All you need is a store-bought pineapple to get started.

"When you buy a pineapple at the store, most of us throw out the top," Armen said.

"But don't throw it out! You can grow a pineapple plant from it.

"The first thing you want to do is twist off the top or cut it off, then remove four to five sets of the lower leaves – the bottom of the crown.

"This will expose the root buds, which are small brown-coloured bumps –this is where the roots grow out from."

Next, you want to leave the top out to dry for roughly two days to prevent it from rotting.

Armen said: "Once you've let it dry, simply plant it in a pot with soil and keep the soil well-watered.

"Place it in a well-lit area but away from direct sunlight.

"In about six to eight weeks, the roots will begin to grow, and then the leaves of the pineapple top will begin to grow larger.

"The pineapple top needs at least six hours of light and it's a slow-growing plant.

"But if you have the patience, you'll eventually see a stem growing out from the middle and then a small pineapple will begin to form."

Patience is key, however, as the exotic fruit can take anywhere between 18-24 months to fully develop.

In the meantime, it makes for a lovely houseplant.

Armen added: "Watching their growth is absolutely fascinating too.

"In the troubling times we're currently in, this is an awesome experiment to try especially if you have kids, they'll love it!

"I learned how to do it myself by researching on different gardening websites."

TikTok users have been blown away by the hack with several people heading out to get their own pineapple tops.

"Thanks for the tip, I just bought a pineapple lol definitely going to try it," wrote one person.

"Pineapple is being added to my backyard rainforest," added someone else.

One TikTok user revealed they are already on to the pineapple-growing trend.

"I do this with every pineapple I get! I put them right in the ground. They love Florida weather. Free plant!," the person wrote.

However, some people weren't fans of just how long it takes for a homemade pineapple to grow.

"I have had mine for three years. When am I getting fruit?," one person commented.

Another person said: "Yeah but you forgot to mention how long it takes to grow – two to three years."

Armen has been blown away by the reaction to his video and admits that most people generally have no idea that you can grow your own pineapples at home this easily.

He said: "Many people also think pineapples grow on trees but they actually don't.

"People are just as amazed about this trick as I was when I first learned about it."

Armen is something of a plant savant, having recently hit the headlines for revealing how to revive dying plants by using human hair from hairbrushes.

He has also written a book, aptly named 'Don't Throw It Out'.

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