Coffee shop caught selling drinks laced with Via-gra in southern Thailand

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A coffee shop was caught selling drinks laced with via-gra in southern Thailand.

The business was investigated after a customer died after allegedly drinking instant coffee traced to have been bought from their branch in Narathiwat province.

The coffee brand called Mc-G brand sold by several coffee dealers was found to have the substance Tadalafil which was used to treat erectile dysfunction and sex-enhancing drug.

However, the substance was added without customers knowing and could also cause heart failure among other diseases so authorities are searching to stop the supply.

An officer from the Food and Drug Administration said the investigation showed that the coffee was manufactured in Malaysia.

He said: ‘There were reports that the product came from Malaysia and dealers imported it to the country. The owner from the neighbouring country could not be contacted but we are still trying.’

The FDA are also looking into social media platforms being used to sell the coffee and were doing information campaigns to let consumers know about the bad effects of the product.

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