Man goes viral on TikTok for extreme fitness regime including submerged sit-ups

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A man has gone viral on TikTok for his extreme fitness regime which includes ab raises done upside down while submerged in water and balancing on a ball while doing squats with weights.

Cory Rosenthal, 20, from New Jersey, grew up in a fitness-oriented family.

From the age of 16, the student at Indiana University, would train frequently at his father’s gym and played basketball at school.

When the pandemic hit, Cory decided to take his training to the next level by performing extreme bodyweight exercises to improve his fitness levels ahead of a bear crawl competition.

He has videos of his daredevil moves on TikTok, where social media users are now convinced he's training for the Avengers.

The unusual exercises include backflips, balancing on a bosu ball while lifting weights and even ab raises while hanging upside down, submerged in water.

Cory trains six days a week for two hours per day.

“My training process is different, it's a bit unusual,” he said.

“You're not going to see me squatting, curling, benching because I get bored of doing those things, I like to always be actively moving.

“It varies every day. I spice things up."

Speaking about some of his favourite exercises, he added: “I always like incorporating backflips into my workouts because it's a great core workout.

“I also enjoy standing on a balance board just to loosen up my hips and always end my workouts by going into the sauna for 5-10 minutes.

Cory recently posted a compilation video of workouts on his TikTok page (@coryrosenthal), which has racked up over 2 million views and 567,500 likes so far.

“Bro is training to join the Avengers,” one person wrote.

“Bro what are you training for? 'The Hunger Games'? Damn,” another person added.

In another video, Cory is seen balancing on a board while holding on to two weightlifting plates, performing push-ups in an incredible balancing act.

In a few words of advice for people who wish to upgrade their fitness level, Cory said: “There are many alternatives to lead up to more challenges.

“For myself, I have worked with a ton of coaches; I had a backflip and callisthenics coach, a boxing coach, even a bear crawling coach.

“For instance, you can progress on muscle-ups by doing banded muscle up and get your form down, rather than putting a ton of tension and injuring your shoulder.

“Or you can have people spot you while you flip so that level of fear goes away.

“I love workouts that fire up my heart rate. I go into them saying 'how I am going to shock my body today'.

"Am I going to flip off a car? Am I going to pistol squat on a balance board?

“I want to challenge myself every single day – to be the new era of fitness, I like to change the game and not do the normal.”

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