Frantic locals cause chaos rushing to get vaccine in Thailand

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Frantic locals caused chaos while trying to get vaccinated for Covid-19 in Thailand.

A huge crowd of more than 1,000 gathered outside the vaccination centre flouting social distancing measures in Trang province on October 4.

Long queues have started to gather since 4 am that day which made it hard for medics to control especially when the crowd started making loud noises to pressure them five hours later at around 9 am.

Officers from the Kantang Police Station were called to the scene to help organise the patients but without success as the crowd remained defiant with their noise barrage.

Onlooker Tippawan Sudtikun said: ‘Everybody needs the vaccine but it’s more dangerous for the health if we are impatient like that. The people are desperate, I hope the government sees it.’

Medics resumed with the first-dose vaccination of those who queued properly but not everyone received their shot due to the chaotic incident.

The crowd reportedly came from different districts in the province.

Thailand has been dealing with its worst outbreak of infections after cases flared up in April this year. The highest daily total was more than 23,000.

Ministers have relaxed lockdown measures and hope that a vaccination roll-out will allow the country to re-open this October, with tourists arriving shortly after.

More than 10 million people, or 14 per cent of the population, have so far received two doses of vaccines from various companies.

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