Cat with markings that make him look as if he has a moustache becomes TikTok star

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A stray cat with a touch of class has become a social media superstar thanks to his handle-bar moustache.

The aptly named Mustache is quickly becoming the darling of TikTok after owner Daniel Golden-Perez, 29, decided to share him with the world.

“I think the markings resemble Mr Monopoly the most," Daniel said.

"Both have a similar moustache style and tuxedo look."

The veterinary technician from Philadelphia, US, adopted the cat in 2015, having met the feline after he was brought in as a stray to the veterinary hospital where Daniel was working.

Mustache had been in the hospital for four months before the pair and they were instantly drawn to each another.

Daniel, who has a tattoo of Mustache, said: “I was in complete shock of how perfect his pattern was and how everything he did had a regal feel to it because of the Moustache/Tuxedo combination.

“Not only that, but when he walked up to me for the first time he let me give him belly rubs, and I lost it.

“At my old job they would let him roam free sometimes with the other hospital cats, and he always came up to me whenever he saw me.

“I would spend my lunch breaks with Mustache in the break room and he would sit on the chair right next to me.

“So I would be eating and petting him basically the entire time.

"Then one day they told me he was up for adoption and when I asked, ‘For how long?’.

"They replied, ‘four months’ and that's what did it for me.”

The cat lover decided to create a TikTok account for his four-legged friend and in just three weeks, more than two million people have watched his videos.

Mustache lives with Daniel and his girlfriend Vanessa, as well as their two other cats, two snakes, a savannah monitor lizard and six leopard geckos.

The couple is aware of just how popular the cat is getting and get hundreds of comments from people declaring their love for the fabulous feline.

“What a dapper gentleman,” one person said.

Someone else commented: “Tuxedo, moustache, yep a well-dressed gentleman.”

Daniel said: “They comment mostly about how handsome he is and how the moustache/tuxedo pattern makes him look like a classy gentleman.

“I've also had people say that they'd die to have him.

"Regardless of the reaction, I'm grateful for all the love and support that he's receiving, he deserves it.”

The intelligent moggie is a well-loved member of the family.

Daniel said: “He's very loving, affectionate and mischievous.

"Mustache uses his charming looks and moustache to his advantage for treats, catnip and belly rubs.

“He also communicates very well. Whether it be with a serious look to let you know that he means business or by vocalising it.

"He also gets along great with dogs and cats, and e lets you pet him everywhere, and even allows me to cut his nails for him.

"Definitely has some class for sure.”

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