Fugitive calls police for help after starting to drown in river while making an escape

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A fugitive called the police for help after escaping from prison – but starting to DROWN when he tried to swim through a river.

Chaiyot Rotchada, 31, was arrested by police in Ratchaburi province, Thailand, on October 18 after a resident made a complaint that he has stolen his good.

However, when he arrived at the station and was being put in a cell, he somehow managed to free himself from the officers’ grasp and fled. Just like a Hollywood movie, Chaiyot sensed freedom and leapt into a nearby river to escape.

The runaway burglar thought he had eluded prison and swam fiercely but soon realised the mistake he had made when the strong currents of the Mae Klong river kept pushing him under the water.

Afraid to drown, Chaiyot immediately cried for help. He was heard shouting ‘call the police, call the police, I want them to save me’.

Locals called officers and they commandeered a villager’s boat and sped out to the fugitive. He was hauled to safety then taken back to the station to be prosecuted – with the added charge of fleeing police custody.

This time he stayed locked up and he admitted stealing items from locals.

Police said that before the escape, Chaiyot and his alleged partner-in-crime, known only as Mee, stole buddha statues and collectable banknotes from a residence in Samut Songkhram province in July.

Major General Pathompong Thongchamrun said: ‘Chaiyot admitted to the allegation made by a resident in Samut Songkhram province. He agreed to let his partner sell the stolen items but he did not receive his part of the share.

‘His partner, Mee, is still on the run. We are working on locating the man so he can be prosecuted.’

Chaiyot had been remanded in custody while police prepare evidence in the case to charge him and they search for his alleged accomplice.

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