Chinese restaurant sets up in ground floor of gritty abandoned building

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A Chinese restaurant has set up shop in the ground floor of a gritty abandoned building in Bangkok, Thailand.

The chef pitched up with a kitchen with tables and chairs in the ruins of a former apartment block that developers left deserted on the busy Sukhumvit Road area of the Thai capital.

Footage from November 14 shows how it has created a cafe with a startling look – concrete pillars and no decorations other than overgrowing weeds and crumbling brickwork.

Despite the run-down appearance, the cook said his restaurant has been attracting customers because of its tasty noodle dishes.

The 30-storey building was once bustling with ex-pats and locals in a sought after location on the Sukhumvit 33 area of the Thai capital. However, it was sold to developers who started building and renovation work but abandoned the structure around 10 years ago. The building’s concrete balconies are now crumbling and bushes have overgrown on the roofs.

On the ground floor and car park of the building, street food sellers have also pitched up stalls to sell dishes to passing drivers and workers.

The mystery building now has little indication of who owns, why they left the property or if it will ever be completed for people to live inside. Some superstitious locals even believe it is haunted or cursed, refusing to even consider living there if it was finished.

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