Thai woman cuts ropes of painters on high-rise apartment block because she was ‘annoyed at them outside her window’

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A Thai woman has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after allegedly cutting the ropes of two painters on a high-rise apartment block – because she was annoyed at them appearing outside her window.

Nichanan Saeto, 34, was reportedly angry because the building management had not told her there would be maintenance so she was shocked when she saw them from her balcony on October 12.

The computer programmer allegedly cut the support ropes, leaving them hanging dangerously from the 26th floor of the building. They were unable to descend safely or go back to the 32nd flood car park they had descended from in Bangkok, Thailand.

Nichanan appeared at a police station on Wednesday, October 27, where she admitted to cutting the ropes but denied trying to kill the painters.

One of the painters, a Myanmar national named Song, told officers that he and his two friends had lowered themselves from the 32nd floor to repair cracks on the side of the building.

When he reached the 30th floor, he felt that the rope was heavier and when he looked down, he saw someone on the 21st floor open a window and cut his rope. He said he tried asking for help from other units but nobody was in.

The third colleague continued to support them from the top floor.

Resident Praphaiwan Setsing, who lives where the painters were stuck, said her British husband noticed one painter signalling for help so she rushed over to talk to them. She then helped them to climb to safety.

Praphaiwan, who recorded a video of the incident, added: ‘I was worried they would fall. It was so high, I just did what I could to save them. It is crazy that this could happen.’

Staff at the building reported the incident to police and the suspect was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and property destruction.

Colonel Pongjak Preechakarunpong, chief of the Pak Kret district police station, said the woman initially denied the charges but her DNA was allegedly found on a section of the severed rope.

He added: ‘The suspect was summoned to the police station and came with a lawyer. She admitted to cutting the rope but denies attempting to hurt the painters. She has been released on bail.’

The suspect faces up to 20 years in prison if she is found guilty of attempted murder.

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