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5  5G Tower Disguised To Look Like A Tree

pic By: Larry8241 (554.20) Views: 2592 Score: 5 Duration: 0:20 Jul-5-2021

Why? A lot going on we dont know about. Question everything!..

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9  This Sure Looks Like Fun

pic By: Larry8241 (554.20) Views: 3240 Score: 9 Duration: 3:10 Jul-5-2021

Practicing over water is a must..

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3  Circle Of Friendship in Covid

pic By: Larry8241 (554.20) Views: 1908 Score: 3 Duration: 3:45 Jul-3-2021

When something smells like dog poop, it is not chocolate ice cream...

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8  Biden Saves Americans 16 Cents For July 4 Celebrations

pic By: Larry8241 (554.20) Views: 1548 Score: 8 Duration: 0:55 Jul-3-2021

Wow, Biden is the best! A whole 16 cents sure makes a big difference...

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15  Trump Supporters At The Texas Border

pic By: Larry8241 (554.20) Views: 2016 Score: 15 Duration: 0:30 Jul-2-2021

ALL of these people actually have jobs and pay taxes. Welfare rats did not vote for Trump..

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7  Hard To Believe This Democrat Is Saying All Of This! Must be True!

pic By: Larry8241 (554.20) Views: 2304 Score: 7 Duration: 1:57 Jul-2-2021

Looks like Trump was right because this hardcore democrat confirmed it. Nuff said!!..

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3  Sir Nicholas Winton

pic By: Larry8241 (554.20) Views: 936 Score: 3 Duration: 2:19 Jul-1-2021

Holocaust hero!..

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5  The Milk We Are Really Drinking

pic By: Larry8241 (554.20) Views: 2160 Score: 5 Duration: 2:33 Jul-1-2021

Everything has become all about the overall profit..

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10  Racism Explained By Black Woman

pic By: Larry8241 (554.20) Views: 3096 Score: 10 Duration: 2:09 Jun-29-2021

Racism being engraved thru our school systems by that make up 94.5% of liberal teachers. Nuff Said!..

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11  Proof Of US Government Spying On Citizens

pic By: Larry8241 (554.20) Views: 1908 Score: 11 Duration: 1:37 Jun-29-2021

This has been going on for decades, but only getting worse..

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10  Latino's Telling Kamala Like It Is!

pic By: Larry8241 (554.20) Views: 1512 Score: 10 Duration: 0:39 Jun-26-2021

Good to see that Hispanics are smart enough to see thru the DNC BS!..

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2  Dog Know How To Bath And Massage At Same Time

pic By: Larry8241 (554.20) Views: 1692 Score: 2 Duration: 0:57 Jun-24-2021

hard not to like mans best friend...

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