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2  Combat firing of the S-500 antiballistic complex.

pic By: Jararaka (134.30) Views: 1584 Score: 2 Duration: 0:33 3 days ago

Polygon Kapustin Yar. The main task of the complex is to combat the combat equipment of medium-ra..


2  RPK-6M 'Waterfall' (SS-N-16 Stallion).

pic By: Jararaka (134.30) Views: 1692 Score: 2 Duration: 2:21 Jul-11-2021

Soviet anti-submarine missile and torpedo system capable of hitting enemy submarines at a distance o..

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1  Missile launches.

pic By: Jararaka (134.30) Views: 324 Score: 1 Duration: 16:39 Jun-18-2021

"Topol-M" intercontinental ballistic missile Anti-aircraft missile system S-300 "Fav..

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1  US cuts number of missile systems, jet fighters in West Asia

pic By: PressTV (169.00) Views: 972 Score: 1 Duration: 1:01 Jun-19-2021

The United States has reportedly started to cut the number of its anti-missile systems in the West A..

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1  Iran’s IRGC unveils strategic drone, missile, radar systems

pic By: PressTV (169.00) Views: 1044 Score: 1 Duration: 0:58 May-22-2021

Iran’s IRGC has unveiled three important and strategic products in the fields of unmanned aerial v..

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7  Israel's Iron Dome takes out Palestinian rockets in night sky

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 11988 Score: 7 Duration: 0:47 May-12-2021

Footage shows Palestinian rockets being blitzed by Israel’s Iron Dome defence system on Tuesday ev..

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11  Sirens sounded as rockets light up sky over Israel as Iron Dome intercepts them

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 14616 Score: 11 Duration: 2:26 May-12-2021

Footage shows Palestinian rockets being fired at Israel on Tuesday evening (May 11) as residents she..

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0  Dash to save lives of baby and injured man after Israeli attack on Gaza

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 3240 Score: 0 Duration: 1:27 May-16-2021

Footage captured the desperation and chaos after an Israeli military strike on Gaza on Saturday 15 M..

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5  Rockets streak across sky as they are fired towards Israel

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 16488 Score: 5 Duration: 0:16 May-12-2021

Footage shows rockets streaking across the sky over Be'er Sheva, Israel, on May 11. Hundreds of ..


2  TOS-1A "Solntsepyok" ("Sunburn").

pic By: Jararaka (134.30) Views: 1764 Score: 2 Duration: 2:52 Jun-17-2021

Caliber - 220 mm Barrel length - 5000 mm Number of guides - 24 (30) Minimum firing range - 400 m ..

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5  Smoke rises after Israeli air strikes on the Maghazi camp in central Gaza

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 2124 Score: 5 Duration: 1:07 May-16-2021

Smoke rises from an airstrike on a civilian building in the Al Maghazi camp in the central area of t..

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5  Israelis run to air raid shelter as Palestinian rockets fly overhead

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 6768 Score: 5 Duration: 0:49 May-16-2021

Dramatic footage shows residents in Israel running to an air raid shelter as sirens sound and rocket..

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