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1  A Song About, Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Marvin Gaye.

pic By: Rabble Rouser (52.60) Views: 648 Score: 1 Duration: 4:20 6 days ago

This Song is about the most powerful men in America that fought for black people's equality in the U..

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1  Huge king cobra caught hiding under kitchen cabinet

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 828 Score: 1 Duration: 3:38 Jul-13-2021

This is the shocking moment a huge king cobra was caught hiding under a kitchen cabinet in central T..

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0  Song of the Colchian merchant Shalom.

pic By: Jararaka (134.30) Views: 1116 Score: 0 Duration: 4:15 Jul-9-2021

Fragment of the musical film 'Merry Chronicle of a Dangerous Journey', 1986. After killing his br..

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1  Hot king cobra snake found cooling off in family’s refrigerator

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 684 Score: 1 Duration: 3:03 Jul-5-2021

A hot king cobra was found cooling off behind a family’s refrigerator. The 4ft-long highly veno..

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0  Aussie mum has HILARIOUS foul-mouthed reaction to daughter's surprise visit

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 1980 Score: 0 Duration: 0:30 Jun-28-2021

Could this mum's hilariously fouth-mouthed reaction to her daughter's surprise visit be more Austral..

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1  Parkgoer shocked as king cobra devours whole python in Singapore

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 1980 Score: 1 Duration: 1:28 Jun-26-2021

Park goers were shocked when a king cobra was seen devouring a whole python in Singapore. Jimmy W..

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1  Fearless man pats king cobra on head like a pet dog

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 864 Score: 1 Duration: 3:25 9 days ago

This is the shocking moment a fearless man patted his king cobra on the head like a pet dog in Thail..

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46  London's Leicester Square TRASHED by England fans: Extended Version

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 63541 Score: 46 Duration: 3:21 Jul-12-2021

Footage has emerged of thousands of England fans gathered in Leicester Square, London yesterday (Jul..

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0  Huge bonfire lit in Belfast as Northern Ireland commemorates Battle of the Boyne

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 972 Score: 0 Duration: 1:54 Jul-12-2021

A huge bonfire was lit as the Protestant community in Belfast commemorated the Battle of the Boyne. ..

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0  Leicester Square TRASHED by England fans smashing bottles and windows

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 2484 Score: 0 Duration: 1:13 Jul-11-2021

A gathering of thousands of England fans in London's Leicester Square descended into mayhem as 'fans..

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0  Bottles thrown as Leicester Square, London, becomes unofficial ‘fan zone’ for England fans

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 432 Score: 0 Duration: 1:13 Jul-11-2021

Hundreds of England fans gathered in Leicester Square, London, this afternoon (July 11) ahead of the..

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0  Anti-government protestors clash against security forces in Manzini, Eswatini

pic By: Newsflare (3981.00) Views: 1116 Score: 0 Duration: 0:48 8 days ago

Clashes between security forces and protesters were reported in Manzini, Eswatini, on Friday morning..

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