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10  Meanwhile somewhere on earth

pic By: Sick (225.60) Views: 11484 Score: 10 Duration: 0:38 May-25-2021

In this short video you see what is happening on earth. Basically a compilation of 3 funny video'..

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4  Who broke that window?

pic By: Sick (225.60) Views: 6408 Score: 4 Duration: 0:10 May-24-2021

when you catch the offender red-handed, jumping through a window..

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2  'Who do you work for?!' Two Texas friends freak out when thrown glass bottle bounces without breaking

pic By: Newsflare (1958.00) Views: 1692 Score: 2 Duration: 0:12 May-24-2021

Marcus and his friend throw an empty glass beer bottle high up in the air in Montgomery, Texas. The ..

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11  No Laughing.

pic By: Demagogue (555.30) Views: 5616 Score: 11 Duration: 0:59 May-23-2021

I got hit hard, it's not funny...

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2  Man's friendship with 'Gary' the grey squirrel is an adorable tale

pic By: Newsflare (1958.00) Views: 1476 Score: 2 Duration: 5:38 May-21-2021

A wholesome video recounts the friendship and pitfalls between a Virginia man and two squirrels that..

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2  Tiktok puppy rates the water hose settings but may regret decision

pic By: Newsflare (1958.00) Views: 2196 Score: 2 Duration: 0:59 8 days ago

This is the funny TikTok showing a puppy in Twentynine Palms, California on June 11 bravely testing ..

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2  Friends see who can keep a straight face the longest on roller coasters

pic By: Newsflare (1958.00) Views: 10224 Score: 2 Duration: 0:37 8 days ago

This funny video shows friends visiting Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio while trying to keep a straigh..

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5  Fun Flute 2

pic By: Sick (225.60) Views: 4788 Score: 5 Duration: 0:28 8 days ago

watch Terry Crews join in . hilarious flute audition..

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5  Scottish Mum Swears at Children.

pic By: Demagogue (555.30) Views: 3276 Score: 5 Duration: 0:25 8 days ago


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4  Cheeky cockatoo steals a man’s caramel slice in Australia

pic By: Newsflare (1958.00) Views: 6696 Score: 4 Duration: 0:27 8 days ago

A cheeky cockatoo bird stole a man’s caramel bread slice while he was sitting outside a cafe in Au..

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2  Mum straightens hair for first time in 2 years and her kids aren't sure how to react

pic By: Newsflare (1958.00) Views: 2988 Score: 2 Duration: 6:08 8 days ago

A Californian mum straightened her hair for the first time in two years and her kids didn't know how..

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8  This TV show was live on TV in holland.

pic By: Demagogue (555.30) Views: 4032 Score: 8 Duration: 6:25 9 days ago

Boemerang, it is funny if you have a sense of humor, it gets funnier by the minute...

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