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6  Two-legged street dog that was shot in head lives to tell the tale and now LOVES life

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 1224 Score: 6 Duration: 3:58 5 days ago

A two-legged street dog from Thailand that was shot in the head and left to die has been rescued by ..

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3  Hapless dog rescued after poking head through manhole cover and getting stuck

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 2484 Score: 3 Duration: 3:15 Jul-14-2021

A hapless stray dog was rescued after poking its head through a manhole cover and getting stuck. ..

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2  Lucky pet dog escapes from jaws of wild leopard in southern India

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 1728 Score: 2 Duration: 0:54 Jul-6-2021

CCTV cameras in southern India have captured the moment a pet dog managed to escape from the jaws of..

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0  Labrador takes care of tiger cubs rejected by mother in eastern China

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 1404 Score: 0 Duration: 0:55 Jul-6-2021

A Labrador took care of three tiger cubs that were rejected by their mother in eastern China. The v..

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0  Talented dog climbs ladder like a pro

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 864 Score: 0 Duration: 0:15 Jun-29-2021

This is the adorable moment a talented pet dog climbed a ladder like a pro in northeastern Thailand ..

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0  Close call! Pedestrians worry about dog leaning out of an open apartment window in Victoria, Canada

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 1620 Score: 0 Duration: 1:11 Jul-1-2021

Miriam watches with other bystanders as a dog climbs onto the windowsill of the open window on the 3..

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0  Woman saves chubby monitor lizard stuck under hole in her back garden

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 828 Score: 0 Duration: 3:47 Jun-3-2021

A woman saved a chubby monitor lizard stuck under a hole in her back garden. Pranom Treesomphong,..

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2  This is what living with two huge Great Danes is like

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 3384 Score: 2 Duration: 6:52 Jun-24-2021

A pet owner in Ontario, Canada, filmed a series of videos showcasing what living with two huge Great..

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0  Dog appears unbothered as he paraglides over Canadian mountains with owner

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 864 Score: 0 Jun-10-2021

This dog appeared unbothered as he was taken paragliding by his owner. Pascal Constantineau took hi..

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248  Watch until the end...

pic By: ItemFixer (3623.00) Views: 142850 Score: 248 Duration: 2:01 May-26-2021

"On Sunday 23/05/2021 I went, together with my wife Juliane, my two daughters HeloĆ­sa and Isab..

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2  Touching moment Russian sailors rescue stranded dog from Arctic ice

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 1872 Score: 2 Duration: 1:16 Jun-10-2021

Russian sailors rescued a fluffy white dog last week that was stranded on cracked Arctic sea ice in ..

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2  Dog days of summer: Clever pooch escapes pool using filter then lounges on floatie

pic By: Newsflare (4423.00) Views: 2088 Score: 2 Duration: 0:41 Jun-7-2021

This clever dog in Johnston City, Illinois has the best way to beat the heat: climbing in and out of..

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